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december 23
Vince Guaraldi – Skating
Today’s track is curated by Rick Liebling / @eyecube
Growing up in Southern California, the holidays weren’t exactly a winter wonderland. Shorts and t-shirts, yes. Snow? Not so much. But every year I’d watch A Charlie Brown Christmas and while I loved the characters, the music is what I remember best. It was so different than what I was used to hearing. The piano stylings of California Jazz master Vince Guaraldi were magical. What made Peanuts, and the accompanying music, so great was that it treated children with respect. No silly sound effects, treacly covers of pop standards or too clever by half originals. Instead it was music with emotional resonance that sounds every bit as good today as when it was released in 1965. This particular song, Skating, brilliantly conjures the feel of falling snowflakes and the joy of gliding along on frozen water. For me, Skating is the joy of the holidays.
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