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june 22
Ennio Morricone - Belinda May
Today’s track is curated by Mel Exon / @melex
As the summer solstice comes to an end today, June 22nd, so does the 2nd outing of Taped Together.
The final track this time round also completes a circle. The very first track we uploaded for this project was Ennio Morricone’s Here’s To You. Today’s track, Belinda May, is also by the maestro, but is a very different creature altogether. Whilst no words are sung beyond the name “Belinda May”, an entire story is nonetheless told through the music. If you listen to this once and mistakenly hear a summery, kitsch lullaby of a love song, then listen to it again. Preferably find somewhere you can stop and watch the world go by for 2.54 minutes. A view from a window, a promenade, a seat in a favourite coffee shop. If that’s just not possible, then stick on headphones and close your eyes.
There is none of the powerful build up, no epic crescendo, nor rousing chorus of Here’s To You. Instead the song dives straight in and gets busy, skipping along at a pace that belies the slower, bitter-sweet vocal. Morricone famously uses the human voice as an instrument and this may be his lightest and loveliest example.
But back to that story-without-words. Maybe it’s twilight at the end of searingly hot summer’s day. Or maybe not. Explaining this any more, it occurs to me, spoils it entirely…I’ll leave it to you to make your own story.
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june 21
Duran Duran / Kraftwerk - Models on Film
Today’s track is curated by Ben Malbon @malbonnington
Anyone brave enough to remix a track by Kraftwerk is deserving of respect, in particular the practically perfect piece of music that is ‘The Model’. Equally, anyone prepared to try their hand at mashing up Duran Duran’s ‘Girls on Film’ is also a brave soul. To bring these two tracks together, successfully, is a genius move. If it works. And this does.
Turn it up, and enjoy.
About the person behind the track: Marc Vidler is Go Home Productions. Check out his site for more goodness, including a rather excellent Smiths & Destiny’s Child mashup - ‘How Soon is Independence?’

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june 20
The Beach Boys - Sloop John B
Today’s track is curated by Dan Colman / @openculture
Like no other band, The Beach Boys capitalized on summer and everything it evoked during pre-Vietnam America. Summer was their schtick. “Endless Summer” was their promise. Although their act had its hokey quality, The Beach Boys broke some serious musical ground, especially with Pet Sounds (1996), an LP now ranked 2nd on Rolling Stone’s list of “The 500 Greatest Albums of All Time.” Here, the band introduced its own version of The Wall of Sound, and you can hear it on full display with my favorite track, “Sloop John B.” The tune started out as a West Indies folk song called “John B. Sails,” and Carl Sandburg helped popularize it when he included it in his 1927 collection of folksongs, The American Songbag. In the Beach Boys version, the sound is ever sunny; the lyrics are decidedly less so…
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june 19
Circulus - My Body is Made of Sunlight
Today’s track is curated by Tim Malbon / @malbonster
My Body Is Made of Sunlight is from the classic 2005 album The Lick Of The Tip Of An Envelope Yet To Be Sent.
I love a bit of Acid Folk, and this song has a special resonance for me - not merely because Circulus have a Crum Horn player who’s a doppleganger for a colleague of mine at Made by Many. Not just because I stalked Circulus a few years ago, and saw them 3 times in as many months - even including hanging around them and trying to engage them in conversation like I had some kind of deranged band-crush. And not because the last time I saw them play at the Union Chapel I walked out the back before they were on to find the whole band chuffing away on some huge stinky reefers… which I blame for their piss-poor performance that night. No, I think this is a beautiful song and it arouses the pagan within me. Perhaps this is because these days either side of the Summer Solstice would once have been the holiest of holy-days. This music puts me back in touch with the shamans and druids, the ancient ones, and I feel re-born. That’s why they call it Acid Folk FFS. Check out the band’s My Space page here.
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june 18
Martha and the Vandellas - Dancin’ in the Streets
Today’s track is curated by Karen Wickre / @kvox
I’ve always loved songs with more than one layer of meaning as this iconic 1964 Motown track does. Marvin Gaye co-wrote it with Mickey Stevenson, who had in mind the image of black kids in Detroit cooling off of hot days in water sprays from open hydrants. Released July 21, 1964, it became the huge summer hit. The opening 6-note trumpet flourish was a call to action, and the insistent beat that followed made you want to get out there (even white girls like me). That’s how Motown mogul Berry Gordy wanted it, and Martha & co. viewed it as a party song. But summers in the mid-60s in America were not all about dance parties - civil rights actions were very much in the news, and “racial unrest” was the polite way to describe it. The tune’s insistent beat (it’s impossible to stay still) led some black activists to use it as a call to demonstrate: getting out in the streets took on a rather different meaning in cities like Detroit, Newark, and my hometown, Washington DC. The power of rock is that you can hear it both ways, and Dancin’ still has that double edge for me.
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june 17
Marlena Shaw - California Soul
Today’s track is curated by Rick Liebling / @Rick_Now
Growing up in Los Angeles, summer has a different flavor. It’s hot, but it’s not as humid. Once the sun starts to set, the LA haze and smog give the sun a deep red glow and a slow, soulful song sounds perfect as you cruise up the Pacific Coast Highway for a weekend in Santa Barbara. This song is an old skool classic that still strikes the right chord even today. It’s a perfect song for grilling in the backyard or hanging out at the pool. It reminds me that it’s ok to take it easy and that there is a world beyond Manhattan.
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june 16
Frank Sinatra - Summer Wind
Today’s track is curated by Teressa Iezzi / @tiezzi
Well, someone had to, right?
Predictable? Nostalgic? Yes. But screw it. It’s summer.
This is, obviously, just the consummate, gorgeous, partly cloudy summer song. It was also part of the soundtrack to some of my earliest summer memories - those of family drives, on warm evenings, to the local driving range/putting green, where we ate ice cream, listened to my Dad’s terrible jokes and hit buckets of balls. Yes, I had a sort of embarrassingly normal small town childhood, thanks to my parents. People would fee bad for them when, later, I started coming home with funny colored hair, big boots and boyfriends named Razor. And today, I’m a shit golfer. But, no matter what else is on the mix, I always end up sneaking in a bit of Frank.
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